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Self-Confidence Coaching

As a person who is persistently seeking ways for self-improvement and building self-confidence, I can provide unique insights into various ways in which I have been successful in becoming a confident individual.  I have conducted extensive research and have a passion for being confident in myself and my value, while at the same time aiming to be humble and appreciative of life's blessings. 

Image Consulting

Includes consultation services for gentleman looking to improve their style and image to become a respected gentleman.  As a highly passionate professional, I understand the importance about maintaining a smart, professional image.  My experience with personal and professional styling/branding provides the foundation of the image consulting services.


Promotional services include utilising my social media outreach to meet your promotional and advertising needs, such product, brand, service and/or event promotions.  Similar to the Brand Ambassador service, using my online influence can increase awareness and open the potential for future collaborations and networks via effective social media advertising. 

Product Reviews

These services include providing, as a Men’s Lifestyle Influencer, product and/or service reviews related to men’s style, health, grooming, community, and/or self-improvement and development.


With experience in modelling men’s style, both casual and professional, I have worked with creative people to provide unique designs and concepts to advertise and help them reach their personal and business goals.  I am open to exploring new ideas and ways to continue to develop and diversify my Modelling experience.


Includes providing editorial services for distributed and online publications as it relates to topics such as men's style and fashion, mental and physical health, community involvement and overall self-development.

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